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Stockport Storytellers are a social creative writing group, living in the Borough of Stockport, who originated from a creative project held at Stockport Library called Memories of Stockport, started in January 2020, as part of Stockport Culture Champions.

That project invited over-50’s from the Borough to come together, learn the basics of creative writing, write their own reminiscence stories and create a film. The purpose was to take that film round Care Homes, Sheltered Housing Schemes and Community Centres. Invite over-50’s to view it, stimulate reminiscence conversation, do some creative writing of their own and so help to combat social isolation.

Coronavirus curtailed that, but the film created from that project can be viewed on our video page.

The Culture Champion for that project, Andy Sykes, still runs the group today. We kept going during the first lockdown, writing a story every week and meeting on Skype to talk about each other’s stories, so became a creative writing and critiquing group.  It’s all very friendly and, whilst we each look to improve our writing, we keep the critiques helpful and constructive.

We meet on the third Thursday evening of every month at the Hat Works, Wellington Rd South, Stockport. We also meet on Skype on a Thursday evening two weeks after that. For each meeting, we write a short story on a chosen theme for friendly review and discussion. Other than the theme, there are no rules on what we write. The only other rules are to keep our reviews and discussions friendly, positive, constructive, and polite.

We are closely associated with Arc at the Hat Works and are grateful to them for developing and hosting this website, together with hosting our live meetings.


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