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RE: Cycle by Winthrop Murray - 17 May 2022  { Science fiction }

Dystopian short story about how modern technology slowly infiltrates society. Human rights are pushed aside in the name of efficiency.and the 'Unchipped' become ostracized. Maybe not so far in the future?    Read this story here »

The Tide of the Bay by Harcourt Tendhall - 10 May 2022  { Action/Adventure }

The theme of this short story exercise was Tide, so I used the setting from an earlier story, The Bay, for this little adventure.   Read this story here »

Sustainable Serenity by Harcourt Tendhall - 18 April 2022  { Historical Fiction }

The following story, written on parchment made from animal skin, was discovered in a hidden cave overlooking a beautiful natural valley in the foothills of the foothills of the Siskiyou Mountains in Northern California in 1927.   Read this story here »

Food for Thought by Harcourt Tendhall - 8 March 2022  { Historical Fiction }

The Lord is in need of an heir. Something must be done.   Read this story here »

From the train by Kirsty Gill - 23 February 2022  { Poetry }

A short poem about train travel   Read this story here »

Cake Crime by Kirsty Gill - 23 February 2022  { Comedy }

Sibling rivalry leads to petty crime   Read this story here »

Let the moon shine by Kirsty Gill - 22 February 2022  { Romance }

The moon plays an important part in the lives of two people   Read this story here »

My Kind of Town, Stockport by Jason Brown - 20 February 2022  { Poetry }

A haiku style poem about Stockport   Read this story here »

The Trampoline by Winthrop Murray - 18 February 2022  { General Fiction }

A story of mixing between two different social classes which should be OK in the modern world but are there forces at work to make it ultimately fail?   Read this story here »

Midnight Adventure by Harcourt Tendhall - 15 February 2022  { General Fiction }

It's a Wolf Moon. These three are on a mission to photograph a Wolfman. They know he's out there, they've heard him and have gathered the evidence.   Read this story here »

Martin by Jason Brown - 12 February 2022  { General Fiction }

Martin was new to the area and was in danger until he found refuge in an unexpected way.   Read this story here »

Whiskey Galore by Jason Brown - 12 February 2022  { General Fiction }

The sad news affected Martin more than he could have imagined. His life changed for the worse.   Read this story here »

Protekt by Winthrop Murray - 2 February 2022  { Horror }

An old lady goes overboard with a new multipurpose varnish called 'ProTekt' with disastrous results.   Read this story here »

A New Beginning to Complete the Circle by Harcourt Tendhall - 2 February 2022  { General Fiction }

A new beginning will complete the circle and bring him the success he believes he deserves - but he's not a greedy man!   Read this story here »

The Antagonist by Winthrop Murray - 30 January 2022  { Crime/Thriller }

A petty criminal wants to legitimise his career choices until the reality hits home.   Read this story here »

The Great Meadow Manifesto by Winthrop Murray - 27 January 2022  { Comedy }

A group of animals tired of man's inability to sort out global warming decide to take matters into their own hands.

    Read this story here »

Bowls Club by Jason Brown - 21 January 2022  { Comedy }

The big change   Read this story here »

Train Journey to a Future by Harcourt Tendhall - 18 January 2022  { Romance }

Setting off on a journey to London, I had no idea how this might affect my future.   Read this story here »

Devil Moon by Jason Brown - 3 January 2022  { Historical Fiction }

The Devil emerges   Read this story here »

The Croft - Martins Solitude by Harcourt Tendhall - 6 December 2021  { Crime/Thriller }

A man buys a Scottish croft, which turns out to rest on top of an ancient burial site. On his first night alone, there’s a knocking at his cellar door. He’s trapped! Doomed! – were it not for that Travelodge, forty minutes down the A9. You can burst his tyres and drain his phone battery; this guy’s not an idiot, he’ll hitch if he has to. Just look at him, running out the door!   Read this story here »

We All Need a Little Protection by Harcourt Tendhall - 26 November 2021  { Crime/Thriller }

Living in Aldebury is a dream, but it comes at a price.   Read this story here »

The Antipodean Visitor by Harcourt Tendhall - 20 November 2021  { General Fiction }

He returned after thirty years. Would he be welcome?   Read this story here »

Revenge by Jason Brown - 11 October 2021  { Historical Fiction }

After seeing Abe's death, Miriam vowed vengeance by exposing Mengele.   Read this story here »

Love in the Camp by Jason Brown - 11 October 2021  { Historical Fiction }

They met while being punished, but fell in love   Read this story here »

No Going Back. by Jason Brown - 11 October 2021  { Historical Fiction }

Life was a bit easier for Abe, until he had to speak out.   Read this story here »

The Journey by Harcourt Tendhall - 5 September 2021  { Historical Fiction }

Borne from an exercise using two pictures to inspire a story, I chose a view inside Salisbury Cathedral and a picture of a Tea Cutter to write a fictional story of a young man's first journey away from home, leading to a lifelong career.    Read this story here »

My Bubble is Burst by Jan Dale - 1 September 2021  { Crime/Thriller }

A corporate exercise - the 'Project' - goes badly wrong. But is our victim just biding his time for revenge?   Read this story here »

A Gift from a Gull by Winthrop Murray - 17 June 2021  { Fantasy }

A stressed out office worker returning home after a hard day at work takes a detour to the seaside. Here he meets a lesser black-backed gull who counsels him and sends him to home, a changed man.   Read this story here »

I Met Him at The Candy Store by Tricia Trewick - 10 June 2021  { Historical Fiction }

A young woman meets her first love in a sweet shop in late 70s Britain.   Read this story here »

Dog Day Afternoon by Winthrop Murray - 27 May 2021  { General Fiction }

Locked in a room, playing cards. A group of friends try and figure out why they are there.   Read this story here »

Time for Change by Jan Dale - 5 May 2021  { General Fiction }

A tale of an unusual obsession. Could it be in the genes, passing on to future generations?   Read this story here »

The Varman Incursions by Harcourt Tendhall - 6 April 2021  { Science fiction }

Jane lives on a supercarrier on the edge of our Solar System. Their role is defence, keeping the Varman out. Can she make her father proud?   Read this story here »

Intergalactic Space and Baked Beans on Toast. by Winthrop Murray - 31 March 2021  { Science fiction }

A story of how a young man struggles with life due to unseen cosmic forces, and how he overcomes them and meets his soulmate.      Read this story here »

Going Out Shoes by Kava Palava - 28 March 2021  { General Fiction }

It's a Saturday night, a beautiful evening, and it's Lockdown 1.
Time to smell the blossom   Read this story here »

Brighton Rock by Heather Pollitt - 26 March 2021  { Crime/Thriller }

She was a modern slave, working in her prison, but the work they gave her became her path to freedom.   Read this story here »

The Thing I Found by Harcourt Tendhall - 16 March 2021  { Crime/Thriller }

The task was to write a story, starting with the phrase, 'It was dark in the woods'. A bit corny, I know, but it bore fruit, with an unusual narrator.   Read this story here »

Shortcut Shaw by Harcourt Tendhall - 9 March 2021  { Crime/Thriller }

He started life as a popular guy, but it soon deteriorated when his nickname became his way of life.   Read this story here »

The Bay by Harcourt Tendhall - 3 March 2021  { Romance }

Born out of a writing exercise on the theme of Outlook, this is a love story set in an idyllic bay about the lives of a couple as told by the man.   Read this story here »

Andy breaks cover. by Jason Brown - 3 March 2021  { General Fiction }

Andy decides to leave the force and settle in the Channel. Islands.   Read this story here »

The power of Laptops. by Jason Brown - 3 March 2021  { General Fiction }

James was exploring shortcuts on his new laptop, and got more than he bargained for.   Read this story here »

Helen Highwater by Jason Brown - 3 March 2021  { General Fiction }

Helen's Story.   Read this story here »

Meek and mild or passionate and wild by Kirsty Gill - 24 February 2021  { Historical Fiction }

A woman witnesses Jesus' rage at the exploitation of the poor in His Father's house   Read this story here »

The Experiment by Harcourt Tendhall - 3 February 2021  { Horror }

He wants to help, to cure the sick.  He has devoted his life to this.   Read this story here »

Lose the Flute by Kava Palava - 2 February 2021  { General Fiction }

Lotte is in trouble at school. 
It's really not her fault, but no one seems to listen.

Photo @JuanJoPorta   Read this story here »

The Old Mill by Harcourt Tendhall - 27 January 2021  { General Fiction }

A writing exercise based on units of time, starting with the year and narrowing down the story to virtually the second, resulted in this story about a group of cyclists enjoying their annual cycle tour.   Read this story here »

The Apple Record by Kava Palava - 25 January 2021  { General Fiction }

In counselling, she peeks at the events she cringes to remember. But it turns out, they weren’t all disasters.

Some of them took courage, kindess and even a spark of adventure.

Photo by Danielle MacInnes    Read this story here »

In Fits and Starts by Kava Palava - 22 January 2021  { Script/Screenplay }

Sal and Mike are over. Or are they?   A 15 minute audio drama. 

A note on abbrevations: FX  = sound effects

INT. [INTERNAL] MONOLOGUE is the character talking to herself or, in this case, the audience.

An oblique '/' indicates overlapping speech, where the second person interrupts but the the first person keeps talking 

Photo by Luca Bravo   Read this story here »

The Bedouin Boys by Kirsty Gill - 13 January 2021  { Historical Fiction }

A story from an important event in history with an impact on religion.   Read this story here »

A Pirates Plight by Harcourt Tendhall - 13 January 2021  { Historical Fiction }

Shipwrecked on the North East Coast of England in the 1700's.  Alone and unsure of who he can trust in these troubled times. He must make his way back overland to his last port of call and the safety of friends.  This story was inspired by an oft-visited cave in the Lake District and a love of this section of coastline.   Read this story here »

The Little Goat by Tricia Trewick - 11 January 2021  { Childrens/Middle Grade }

A short children's story about a little goat's adventure.    Read this story here »

A garden pest by Kava Palava - 11 January 2021  { General Fiction }

Moving house is hard. Moving house when you don't want to is harder.

Laura finds herself entertaining two guests, neither of whom is welcome. 

Photo by Sigmund    Read this story here »

On the Street by Jason Brown - 9 January 2021  { General Fiction }

Shopkeepers passing the time of day.   Read this story here »

Mobile to the rescue by Kirsty Gill - 6 January 2021  { General Fiction }

A mobile phone acts as a mountain rescuer   Read this story here »

Ghosts in the Machine by Jan Dale - 1 January 2021  { Historical Fiction }

Technology -  a good or a bad thing?   Read this story here »

The Mini Countryman by Harcourt Tendhall - 11 December 2020  { Crime/Thriller }

She is an experienced DCI, visiting an old wreck of a car to remind herself about a case from back when she was only a DS. She had to make an important decision that would have a lasting impact on her.   Read this story here »

A Lifetime of Avoidance by Harcourt Tendhall - 2 December 2020  { Young Adult }

She can't make a decision to save her life.  Shy, lacking self-confidence, totally indecisive, it's a hard life at any age, but particularly in your youth.   Read this story here »

Illusions in the Sky by Jan Dale - 5 November 2020  { General Fiction }

Maybe we should be looking for the truth behind the illusion?   Read this story here »

A Creature for You by Harcourt Tendhall - 14 October 2020  { Creative Non-fiction }

This riddle was born out of an exercise to write a story about a creature.  I think I got a bit carried away with it.   Read this story here »

Creature by Heather Pollitt - 14 October 2020  { Young Adult }

The Theme was 'Creature' and I thought this was the most contemporary creature I could think of.  Could they really be like this?   Read this story here »

A Serious Undertaking by Harcourt Tendhall - 16 September 2020  { Western }

An alternative viewpoint of a spaghetti western scene.   Read this story here »

Channel Island Wedding. by Jason Brown - 8 September 2020  { General Fiction }

A wedding with some sadness   Read this story here »

Mabel by Kirsty Gill - 3 September 2020  { Reminiscence }

The way Mabel looks at life   Read this story here »

Eleanor’s Dream Machine by Heather Pollitt - 12 August 2020  { General Fiction }

This story came from a writing exercise about hobbies and how you can use them to follow your dreams.   Read this story here »

Secrets and Lies by Heather Pollitt - 4 August 2020  { General Fiction }

The term secret holds many connotations. It can suggest mystery, romance, betrayal, excitement. It’s a universal key to all kinds of life-change.   Read this story here »

Decision Time by Harcourt Tendhall - 24 June 2020  { Historical Fiction }

Set on the Island of Jersey in the 1930's, this is, I suppose, a coming-of-age story.  The theme for this short story is conflict. Our young hero has to make a major life decision, but this is made easier by his father.   Read this story here »


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